When life gives you lemons, prepare a fictional picnic!

Welcome to a new kind of post on Wishing Upon a Star, where I invite you into an immersive setting through the power of second person point of view and my words! Today, I invite you to join me in a fictional picnic ๐Ÿ˜€

If that sounds fun, great! If it sounds confusing, no worries ๐Ÿ˜‰ You’ll see what I mean soon enough.

Fields of green and vales of scarlet and violet call to you. Outside, the air shimmers with a hint of summer. You breathe in the fresh air wafting in from the open window with a smile on your face. What a wonderful day for a picnic, you think to yourself.

You glance down at your clothes, then look at yourself in the mirror. With a navy blue cardigan, loose blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers, you’re already dressed for a picnic, as if your subconscious knew that you would intend to have one, and so prepared you for it.

On the hat rack nearby, you don a white beret, just for the fun of it. Your friend gave it to you when he came back from Paris, and you haven’t had a chance to really wear it since.

But now it’s time to pack your basket. Wooden, with a big, sturdy handle, and wrapped in delicate pink-white-brown cloth, it was a housewarming gift from your grandmother. You like the little bow tied on the side bestโ€”it is one of her old hair ribbons, and you find it adds a lovely touch.

The creamy yellow platter, you bought a few weeks ago. When put on the brown dining table next to a glass with heather leaves inside, it looks simply divine.

And now for the food. You want your meal to resemble one from a literary novel. So you get to work, rummaging through your cabinets, beginning to piece together your very own cuisine. Raspberry tarts, like the ones Diana had from Anne of Green Gables. Turkish delight, that famous sweet found even in Narnia. A piece of pumpkin pie, then a couple of Cheshire-inspired biscuits. Little biscuits with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry fillings. A bowl of tangyuan, from last night’s dinner.

You pack it all into the basket, and add in a fancy glass and bottle of raspberry cordial. You laugh to yourself as you double check that it isn’t currant wine.

Then you pick up a large worn blanket, with floral designs looping over it, and tuck it under one arm. The basket, full to the brim with goodies, goes under the other.

And you set out, barefoot, the wind tangling your hair with affectionate fingers. You walk for a half mile or so before you find a cozy little spot, next to a river and under the canopy of a few trees. You lay the blanket out, set the basket down, and pour yourself a glass of cordial. Then you begin to eat.

When you finish, licking your lips as you savor the last crumbs and pieces, you lie down and stare up at the blue, blue sky. Watching lazily as the large birds chase each other. Listening as the bunnies scuffle through the grass. Holding in a breath as a butterfly descends upon your nose, beating its wings.

Before you know it, you find yourself closing your eyes. You think to yourself, Even if I end up sleeping outside, won’t it be pleasant? With the stars in the sky and nature all around. No pesky alarm clocks or schedules today!

You smile to yourself, let out a long, contented sigh, and allow yourself to be lulled into sleep.

And then you begin to dream.

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of writing! I had so much fun writing this, and creating the accompanying visuals!

Let me know what you thought or how you felt while reading this. And if I should do it again?

I wish you a wonderful, carefree, and easygoing day!!


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