Staying Productive // getting the most out of work and rest hours

Whether you’re on break from school or you’re thick in the throng of classwork, staying productive is a concern that is constantly on our minds. So today, I’ll be discussing 5 ways to get the most out of your work and rest hours. I hope you enjoy and find my tips helpful! 😀

Today we’ll talk about…

  • 1) Space
  • 2) Structure
  • 3) Flow
  • 4) Rest
  • 5) Reset

1) Find your Space

Having an area dedicated to work and only work can be really helpful for staying productive. Because sometimes, when you use the same space to eat, work, relax, etc., it can actually work against you. This is something James Clear discusses in his bestselling book Atomic Habits. He says, “Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior. Despite our unique personalities, certain behaviors tend to arise again and again under certain environmental conditions“. For instance, if we are used to relaxing on the couch, it probably won’t be the best place to work because that urge to just lounge around will kick in.

“One space, one use.”

James Clear, Atomic Habits

2) Find your Structure

In this work period, ask yourself: what are you hoping to accomplish? Whether you want to set your sights on finishing a specific assignment or project, or create a step by step plan for a big assignment—it’s up to you. Setting goals for the session can help increase your productivity—never underestimate the power of writing a list and the satisfaction in checking off boxes!

Some people like to give themselves a set amount of time for each assignment, and it seems to work great for them! I don’t use this method, because I either underestimate or overestimate the amount of time needed, and what matters to me is taking as much time as I need for an assignment. Of course, if giving yourself a certain amount of time helps you stay focused, etc. then go with it! Choose whatever you’re most comfortable with 😉

3) Find your Flow

Even with a list in front of you, or goals in your mind, the work period ahead may still feel daunting. It may even be tempting to procrastinate and put off your tasks, even when you know that isn’t the wisest choice.

Personally, procrastination has never really been a big problem for me, but I know some feel the opposite. I’ve heard that the 2 minute method can be helpful in that it encourages you to choose something to work on for just 2 minutes. The goal is that by the end of the 2 minutes, you find yourself interested in continuing your work.

If 2 minutes isn’t enough, you can always try 5 or even 10. You can even set yourself breaks within the work period with the pomodoro method, so you have a rest period to look forward to that also doubles as a motivator for you to continue with the work.

4) Find your Rest

What makes rest restful for you?

Is it really scrolling through social media or trying to find a video on YouTube?

This question is more for you to decide the answer, but I’ll share what I like to do to rest.

Reading a book or catching up with a friend are general go-tos for me. I also enjoy watching vlogs, particularly ones that focus on studying, reading, and lifestyle. Prior to the work period, I can save a bunch of videos I’m interested in with the Watch Later function in YouTube and then go back to that playlist when I want to take a break. This saves me from scrolling and doesn’t waste my time.

5) Find your Reset

Let’s say Round 1 of Studying and Relaxing is COMPLETE.

How do you go about preparing for Round 2? It doesn’t matter if Round 2 is scheduled for two hours later or two days later.

Of course, you can just repeat steps 2-4, but it’s also helpful to remember your general motivations. For example, if you’re trying to learn a language, remind yourself why you want to. If you’re studying for a big exam, remember what you’re trying to achieve with taking it. Writing these things down so you have a written copy to return to before each new study session can be really helpful.

And…that concludes my 5 tips for staying productive!

Thank you so much for reading this post, I had a great time writing it! I’ve been meaning to discuss productivity on the blog for a while, so I’m glad I finally did.

In the comments below, let us know some of your tips for staying productive! I’m sure your fellow readers will appreciate more than one perspective, and I’d love to know your take on productivity 😀

Have a wonderful rest of your day…


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