Insights of the Writes Q&A: Plot (ft. important announcements!)

Hi everyone!! Today marks the last day of Insights of the Writes. It’s been quite a month, hasn’t it? πŸ˜€ In this post, I’ll be hosting our last Q&A, focusing on PLOT, and filling you in on my plans for the upcoming months, so stick around for that!

So…you asked and I answered! I chose 2 questions asked through the form about plot, and give you my writing insights. Enjoy!!

Ash @ Starlight Strands: What plot structure do you use most often, and what are your best tips for coming up with a plot when you have no ideas?

As I talked about in my last post, I tend to use a bullet point structure, jotting down the main beats and trusting my writing to fill in the gaps. For the Spacia books, I relied heavily on the Hero’s Journey, which ended up working really well for me, and instilled in me a sense of how a good plot will function. I did try using the Three Act Structure, but I feel like my natural instinct of how the story will run has eclipsed my need for the structure, and while I think it can definitely be helpful, I don’t have the patience or time to go through it meticulously.

If you’re struggling with ideas for a plot, I have a few tips! You could try to write a scene or twoβ€”even a few sentences will do. Try figuring out the style with which you wish to write (wow lot of w’s there hehe) and get a sense of where you want it to go. You could also think about the bigger picture, such as what themes you’d be interested in exploring, and rely on those to pull out threads that could become conflicts for your characters. Or, try focusing on developing your character’s backstory, and find sources of conflict that could have bled over from their past life into the present day. Draw on real life experiences if you wish, or delve into the fantasy armed with pens. 

Introverted Thoughts @ Random Specific Thoughts: I’d be interested in learning more about the pacing for different genres, I think? I find Science fiction to be on the more moderate end of the spectrum while action is almost always fast paced.

Ooh pacing! Outside of the three essentials (character, world, and plot) I feel like the pacing of a story will contribute greatly to my enjoyment of it, as well as the writing style. Anyone else feel the same? πŸ˜€

For science fiction, the pace is definitely more moderate! This is generally because the author wants to develop the world fully within their narrative. I feel like science fiction also tends to try and capture more than one POV, or delve deep into a single POV, so the pace tends to accommodate and acknowledge their backstories and growth. 

For action, which I also tend to link to thrillers, are generally fast paced because they’re more plot driven, and (at least from my experience) aren’t as heavily focused on characters and their development. Because they rely on the advancement of plot as they find clue after clue, they generally don’t slow down to offer readers quieter moments with the characters.

I think for classics and literary fiction, the pace tends to be slower and meander, because they focus most on the characters and their immediate surroundings. The authors tend to take more time developing this, and they hone in on the characters’ thoughts and perspectives. Plot takes a backseat here for sure, as the stories are more of a reflection of what could happen in real life than anything.

For contemporaries, the pace tends to be moderate, as the characters are confronted with the inciting incident quite quickly but work at a steady pace to deal with the problem. Plus, there are usually a couple of diverting subplots here and there that help lend layers to the characters and keep the reader invested in the plot.

Thank you, Ash and Introverted Thoughts, for sending such great questions! I hope my insights were helpful to you and everyone else reading.

Well…we have reached the end of Insights of the Writes my friends. I want to thank you all for reading and sharing your thoughts with me in the comments, I’m so grateful for your support. This blog series was incredibly fun for me to write, but definitely took a lot of energy.

March is always a busy month for me, and this year is no exception. So I’ll be taking a blogging hiatus from March 1β€”April 3. This means I won’t be very active in the blogosphere, and I won’t have any new posts during March. In March, I have a rigorous piano exam I want to fully commit to and do well on, and hopefully also take some time to take care of myself. Hence the hiatus.

I do have some special content planned for April though, so I hope to see you back here when April rolls around! Again, a big thank you for your continuous support! I recently hit over 100 followers, and it feels like such a milestone for me, but couldn’t have been possible without you! πŸ’•

I’ll wrap it up here now. I hope you enjoyed this blog series, Insights of the Writes, and thank you always for your support. Stay safe and happy, lovelies! I will see you in April.


  1. yeah, pacing is really important to me as well! (when a good book ends too fast and my eyes are sore from reading… 😭)
    good luck on your piano examπŸ’

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