Let’s Talk Bookish: What Makes a Book Beautiful?

Hello friends!! We are midway through February already, which is crazy!! But that also means the second week of Insights of the Writes is almost upon us!! Hurray!!

I decided to participate in Let’s Talk Bookish this week for two reasons. First, because the prompt coincided with an idea for a post I’ve had for some time, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity! And two, because I hope this post will lighten the mood here—talking about and analyzing writing the way we’ve been doing is rewarding but can be stressful and tiring! And when I feel burnt out from writing, I feel that the best solution is to refill my creative well through…you guessed it, books (and fangirling way too much over them)!!

Today’s Let’s Talk Bookish prompt is What Makes a Book Beautiful? The wonderful Dani @ Literary Lion suggested this topic, and the prompts are as follows:

It’s impossible not to sometimes judge books by the cover – what makes a book beautiful to you? Are there certain covers you’re drawn towards, and certain styles you stay away from? What are some of the most beautiful covers you’ve seen?

Dani has kindly allowed me to make my own twist on the topic though—rather than discussing only book covers, I decided to share with you the key words I find interesting that makes me want to read a book.

For a list of all the LTB prompts this month, you can visit Rukky’s post here and Dani’s post here.

Now *rubs hands* let’s get started, shall we?

A Quick Note on COVERS (ft. a few bullet points and pretty covers!)

  • Honestly, covers with BIPOC characters are a very fast way to hook me!
  • I also adore it when book covers have pastel aesthetics!
  • And, when covers are representative of the title, it gives me an idea of what the mood, setting, or even theme of the book will be.

Some of my favorite book covers (in a slideshow!):

Key Words That Draw Me to a Book (ft. lots of bullet points and some pics!)

  • Magic
  • Throne
  • Court
  • Pawn
  • Ambitious
  • Broken
  • Scholar
  • Loyalty
  • Trust
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Secrets
  • Animal companion
  • Galactic empires
  • Time travel
  • Memory
  • Dreams
  • Universe
  • HOPE

And that’s a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed this more casual post, it was really fun to write!! In the comments below, tell me—what are YOUR favorite covers? What key words draw YOU to a book? Can’t wait to talk!!


  1. Aw…haha, I loved this post so much! I agree with you for the most part as always. I loved be books that feel strong and have an appearance that goes along with the title. I especially love it when the cover has cryptic text, makes ever feel mysterious😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Dani!! Yas Bone Shard Daughter’s cover is so beautiful, just like its story!! Yes, broken kingdoms, broken characters…I need them 😂 Court intrigue is also my favorite kind of political intrigue!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a nice twist, I loved it!! I also prefer pastel aesthetics or deep colors instead of bright and popping colors. I’m actually not sure what keywords instantly draw me to a book? Maybe friends, family, and anything food-related. Huh, I’ve really never thought about that before lol

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    1. Aww thank you so much Rukky!! Pastels are simply gorgeous and deep colors feel so rich—neons are way too bright for me 😂 Haha key words are things I’ve just been noticing recently, and friends, family, and food are THE trio!! I need more books with great food descriptions too. Thank you for reading!! ☺️

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  3. Love the covers you highlighted! I also love a pastel aesthetic, and when the cover cleverly represents something about the title or book.

    I can definitely relate to being drawn into a book by keywords. Family, friends, memory, and hope are big ones for me too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much Margaret! Pastels are the best aesthetic, and I love when covers can accurately capture the spirit of the book! Family, friends, memory, and hope are some of the loveliest key words, I’m glad you could relate! Thank you for reading ☺️


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